Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hot Teen Sex

Tennessee ranks #8 in the nation for teenage pregnancy. That’s down from #6 in the previous round of numbers.

Those slutty teens in Oklahoma and Nevada surged past us in the latest statistics, just released by the CDC. Nationwide, this is the first time teen pregnancy has gone up from year-to-year since 1991.

In Tennessee, our numbers dropped from 54.9 Junos per 1,000 teenage girls to 54.7, which is considered statistically insignificant so we’re holding steady. The national average is 41.9 - a 3% jump.

Of course, the prevalence of teen pregnancy doesn’t mirror the prevalence of teen sex; rather, it mirrors the prevalence of unprotected teen sex.

So, parents, teach your kids about condoms. Even though your precious little snowflake is (of course) not engaging in anything naughty, they can at least pass along the information to their promiscuous friends (you know the ones) because you know they’re talking to each other about s-e-x.

By the way, 4,265,555 people were born in the U.S. in 2006 (the year all these brand new statistics come from). And 31.1% came out cesarean style.

The birth rate for unmarried women shot up 7% that year (up 16% since 2002). Unmarried women account for 38.5% of all births (a new record).

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