Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lamar Alexander vs. Tennessee’s GOP Congressmen

Tennessee’s five Democratic congressman voted to expand S-CHIP to 11 million uninsured children in the United States this week.

All four of Tennessee’s Republican congressmen voted against it – including Zach Wamp, who thinks he’s ready to be our governor.

What does Sen. Lamar Alexander think about his GOP colleagues who try to block the S-CHIP bill?

“I disagree with it. I think the children’s health insurance bill is good for Tennessee — 127,000 Tennessee children need it,” [said Sen. Lamar] Alexander, a Tennessee Republican.

That’s 127,000 Tennessee children that our Republican congressman are fighting to keep uninsured. So who’s side is Sen. Bob Corker on?

In a joint release, Alexander and Corker said SCHIP reauthorization would boost Tennessee’s efforts to provide coverage for the state’s neediest children and help compensate Tennessee hospitals that treat a large number of patients who are unable to pay their bills.

Looks like Corker is siding with the kids. Good for you, Senator.

Both Corker and Alexander voted for S-CHIP and against President Bush’s veto three months ago, so I’m sure we can count on their continued support next week when the bill goes back up for a vote in the Senate. This time, President Obama will sign it into law.

Go, Obama!

(Okay, okay, that stuff in italics up there is from October and refers to Bush's veto - but you're telling me it doesn't apply now? What changed?)

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