Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas is Over

The TNGOP never once wished me a happy holidays or merry Christmas on its website. I’m not sure why they hate religion so much, but if they were good little Republicans, they’d be showing off their Christianity prominently - if not belligerently.

How’s that for a weak, throwaway attack on the other side? Blah. Oh well, it’s all I got because the TN Democratic Party website has steadfastly refused to say anything other than happy holidays for over two months. The party blog is likewise silent.

(Here’s a hint, guys: it’s no longer the “season of giving” and McCain’s already lost the election, so why don’t you go ahead and push that junk off your homepage?)

If the TN Democratic were paying attention or showing any signs of life, maybe they’d say something about that nice Tennessee fellow who thinks racist songs are funny, just so long as Rush Limbaugh says so?

Or how about that little oopsy-daisy near Knoxville that’s poisoning all the water? No comment on that? Don’t see any opportunity to push the importance of environment responsibility or alternative energy? Or maybe you think the people of Tennessee are already so far to the Left they don’t need to hear it?

Hey, why don’t you praise Gov. Bredesen for that $80 million the State is getting from the Department of Health and Human Services for a low-income home energy assistance program. I’m pretty sure he’s a Democrat.

Or you could praise Rep. Bart Gordon (D-TN) for that $1.65 million loan and a $400,000 grant from the USDA to construct new water distribution lines and replace leaking water lines in Putnam County.

There is a crap-load of stuff going on out there, you lazy schmucks!!!

Say something!!!

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