Friday, January 23, 2009

Sen. Alexander Backstabs Hutchison

Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) voted against the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009 today. He calls the bill a bailout for the trial lawyer industry.

That’s cute. In reality, it guarantees women access to the courts if they’re unfairly getting paid less than male co-workers.

Both Alexander and Sen. Bob Corker are hiding behind Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison’s amendment to the bill, which would’ve set a 180-day time limit for women to file a lawsuit after they discover pay inequality.

“I fully support Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison,” says Alexander.

One problem -- today Hutchison voted FOR the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009, even without her amendment.

Oops. Sorry, Sen. Alexander. No political cover for you.

When her amendment failed, Hutchison voted with the Democrats rather than allow the law stand as is.

That’s called putting your country above your party.

Alexander and Corker couldn’t be bothered to do that. They’d rather let a bad law stand. It took them less than 24 hours to go from “fully supporting” Hutchison to accusing her of voting to bail out trial lawyers. Ouch.

Here’s my position – It’s a bad idea to knowingly block legitimate lawsuits out of fear of frivolous ones. Also, if the Lilly Ledbetter Act does turn out to spur frivolous lawsuits (which is pure partisan speculation at this point), you can always add a time limit later. The worst possible solution would be to just leave the bad law on the books.

Kudos to Hutchison for understanding that.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I'm calling it! 11 precincts left and an 9,000+ margin = defeat for English Only!

It's not even close!

Nothing but Reruns

Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) continues to waste time filing pointless bills in Congress.

H.R. 378 demands a 1% across-the-board spending cut on everything but defense and homeland security. H.R. 377 makes it 2%. H.R. 381 makes it 5%.

Congressman Blackburn has introduced these bills during each of her three previous terms, she brags in a recent press release.

Well, thanks for nothing, Congressman! You’ve failed all three times on all three bills already, and now you’re going for a fourth. What is the point to this crap?

First off, if she were serious, she’d pick a damn number and fight for it. She’d have one bill and a strong argument for it. Instead, she takes the file-it-and-forget-it approach. They exist with her name on it, and that’s good enough.

These bills are going nowhere. They exist only so she can put them on her website and in her taxpayer-funded newsletter. They’re not even political grandstanding, which I can at least appreciate as spectacle; they’re tokenism. A slight nod at fiscal responsibility so she doesn’t have to put any actual work into it.

Hey, Rep. Blackburn, are you actually going to fight to control spending or is this it? File the same pointless bills every two years until you retire?

Giving Women Access to the Courts

Sen Bob Corker (R-TN) announced today he’s voting against the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009.

The Act would guarantee women the right to sue if they’re not getting paid as much as their male co-workers. What, you thought they are already had that right? Not so much.

According to the current Supreme Court, women who aren’t getting paid as much as their male coworkers have a strict 180-day time limit to file a lawsuit -- no exceptions -- and if they don’t discover the pay inequality until after 180 days, they’re screwed. It’s too late, and they have no right to file a lawsuit at all.

How stupid is that?

So stupid that even Republicans want to change the law. They want the 180-day clock to start ticking from the time the woman discovers the pay discrimination. And they’ve appointed openly female Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison to lead the charge.

The Republican version is okay. The Democratic version is better. It gets rid of the clock all together. That’s the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009.

Bob Corker is against it. He speculates that it would clog up our court system with frivolous lawsuits. For some reason, he thinks that’s bigger and scary than denying women access to the courts when they’ve been discriminated against.

Corker would rather the law stay like it is -- even though he knows it’s wrong. Even though he knows it’s screwing over women. Even though he knows it’s blocking real-life, legitimate claims of discrimination. That’s worth it to him because maybe there might be some frivolous cases too.

How stupid is that?

Go Vote!

If “English Only” fails today, it will be one of the most spectacular failures of a Nashville politician in decades. Metro Councilman Eric Crafton will be proven wrong on every level a Council member can go wrong.

Failure as an Issue: Crafton will have anointed himself as the champion of an issue the people of Nashville did not want -- proving himself completely out of touch.

Failure of Leadership: Crafton will have failed to win over the skeptics or motivate his supporters -- proving himself incompetent as a leader.

Failure of Politics: Crafton deliberately forced an early election believing the odds of victory to be greater. If he’s wrong, he’ll prove himself an embarrassment as a political strategist.

Failing the Taxpayers: This special election will cost the city of Nashville up to $300,000, possibly more, in a time of fiscal crisis. If the measure passes, maybe you can argue that it was worth the money to enact the will of the voters. If it fails, it will be a total waste of taxpayer money on the vanity project of a deluded politician.

For these reasons, if “English Only” fails today, I call on Metro Councilman Eric Crafton to resign immediately. This is a long, divisive, expensive path he has forced us down -- and if it all turns out to be folly and hubris, he should step aside.

I have no idea whether “English Only” will pass or not. Crafton may well be vindicated by victory. I hope not.

If you haven’t voted, GO VOTE NOW!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Si Se Puede

Well, tomorrow is election day here in Metro Nashville. At stake: whether the Metro government will be considerate or obnoxious to people who don’t speak English.

The typical argument for being obnoxious is that it’ll force people to learn the language. And if everyone speaks the same language, we’ll be more unified and prosperous as a city. Plus, it’ll save the government some money in translation services.

These arguments are stupid.

For one, it won’t encourage anyone to learn English. They’ll just have a harder time dealing with the city government--schools, libraries, permits, etc. They’ll learn to avoid them and they’ll make due without.

Which means they’ll have less privileges, less opportunities, less prosperity. They’ll stay poorer, longer. They’ll also be more isolated. So that unified and prosperous city thing is out the window too.

And any money we save in translation services will be overwhelmed by other costs associated with the “English First” amendment, not the least of which will be trying to defend it and losing miserably in court.

(Here’s the thing: Councilman Eric Crafton has a Constitutional right to say anything he wants in any language he wants when he’s on the job in a Metro Council meeting, and no one can take that Constitutional right away from Councilman Crafton -- least of all some pissy, fear-mongering councilman like Eric Crafton.)

Furthermore, those arguments aren’t just stupid; they’re crap.

No one supports the “English First” amendment because they think it’d be good for the immigrants and Spanish speakers. That’s spin and happy talk. The real reason is that the demographics of Nashville (and the U.S.) are changing. You don’t have to be racist to think that sucks.

You do have to be ignorant and shortsighted, but racist – no, not necessary.

Either way, get over it. Demographics are changing, technology is changing, culture is changing. You can’t stop it no matter how much it all scares you.

You can’t write modern American culture into law so that future generations have to live just like you do today. It’s obviously a fool’s errand. And that’s all this “English First” stuff is. It’s a bunch of people wanting the future to conform to the past, and it’s never going to happen -- whether this stupid amendment passes tomorrow or not.

All “English First” is going to do is embarrass us and cost us a lot of money until it’s finally thrown out.

But, having said all that, there’s something bigger and more important at stake here. Our government should serve all its citizens equally. No one is a second-class citizen, no matter what language they do or don’t speak. This is America.

So please, vote NO tomorrow.

Vote NO on Amendment 1.

Vote NO on Amendment 2.

It’s a weird mid-January election so turnout is going to be low. Whoever turns out the most people wins. Don’t let it be fear and ignorance that wins tomorrow.

The Name Game

While you were all worried about who was taking over the White House yesterday, Governor Phil Bredesen (D) was busy appointing a bunch of people you’ve never heard of to a bunch of advisory boards you’ve never heard of.

For example, Mether Joe Jones is now officially a member of the Tennessee Board of Barber Examiners. So, you know, good job there, Mether.

Did you know that the state of Tennessee has a Polysomnography Professional Standards Committee?

Polysomnography is “a diagnostic test during which a number of physiologic variables are measured and recorded during sleep.” It is most commonly found in sitcoms.

These are the kind of things you will only learn here at the Planet.

I would also like to point out that Governor Bredesen appointed someone named Happy Birdsong to the Keep Tennessee Beautiful Advisory Council because once you found out there was someone named Happy Birdsong, how could you not?

It's Been Way Too Long without Photos

Maalim, the rescued black rhinoceros calf, trots after his keeper all day, scared to let him out of his sight. Awwwww!
Apparently abandoned by his mommy, Maalim now lives at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, just outside Nairobi, Kenya.
He’s only three weeks old.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Message from the Tennessee Democratic Party

Apparently elated and filled with energy over the Obama inauguration this morning, the Tennessee Democratic Party has finally replaced its happy holiday message with these inspirational words:

The Tennessee Association of Democratic County Chairs & the State Executive Committee will meet on Saturday, January 24th in Nashville.

The Association of Democratic County Chairs will meet at 9:00 am CST in Room LP 16 at the Legislative Plaza.

The State Executive Committee will meet at 1:30 pm CST in the House Chamber at the State Capitol. The Executive Committee will elect a new Chair of the Tennessee Democratic Party.

Both meetings are open to the public.

Not exactly the Gettysburg Address, but much like my mother when I've gone too long without calling, I'm just happy to know they're not dead.

Almost There...

3 hours, 7 minutes

Monday, January 19, 2009

Remembering Martin Luther King

The Tennessee __________ Party salutes and praises the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Can you fill in the blank and guess which party bothered to put that message up on their Web site today? (Hint: We’re now at 75 days without a press release, Web update, or blog entry from the Tennessee Democratic Party, other than a happy holidays message.)

So True

According to the TNGOP: “Rep. Williams belongs to the party of liars, deceivers, and traitors.”

Yes, but you guys are about to kick him out.

So Close

17 hours, 27 minutes

Congratulations to President George W. Bush

On the last full day of the Bush presidency, let me extend my congratulations to our President for fulfilling every expectation placed upon him when he first ran for our nation’s highest office. Specifically, he didn’t cheat on his wife.

When Bush said he’d restore honor and dignity to the White House, did anyone think he was talking about public policy? No, he meant no interns under the desk.

And I have every reason to believe he fulfilled that sacred promise.

We must remember that Bush did not run as a policy wonk, or visionary, or commander-in-chief. He ran as an alternative to the morally permissive (and promiscuous) ways of the Democrats, as exemplified by Bill Clinton. He ran as someone who would freak-the-hell-out if Janet Jackson’s nipple was exposed on television.

Our nation got exactly what it was promised: a dull person, in every since of the word.

We got a bland mind in bland body. Someone with the ingenuity and sex drive of a 1950s sitcom. A placeholder in history who could occupy the Oval Office for four (or eight) years without once forcing Tom Brokaw to utter the phrase “oral sex.”

Unfortunately, history happened to our placeholder president. He got caught with his pants down.

He got caught with his pants down on 9/11.

He got caught with his pants down on Iraq. And Afghanistan and Hamas and Iran. And North Korea and Cuba and Venezuela.

He got caught with his pants down on Katrina.

He got caught with his pants down on the economy. On spending and the deficit. On reforming Social Security and healthcare. On jobs and regulations.

Hopefully our nation has learned something from this experience. That the president needs to be more than a “nice” guy who won’t cheat on his wife. That we need a president with intelligence and vision and ambition.

I think we did learn it. That’s why we looked past race and elected someone who wants an active government tackling real problems.

Of course, I don’t think it’ll take too long before we forget it again. Before we grow complacent. And distracted. History is cyclical after all. But don’t count me as cynical. We’re here now, with President Obama ready to take the oath of office tomorrow, and I for one intend to rejoice in this moment in history for as long as it lasts.

Friday, January 16, 2009

To Spend or Not to Spend

It’s always interesting when Sen. Lamar Alexander and Sen. Bob Corker vote on opposite sides.

Last night, Sen. Corker voted to block the incoming Obama Administration from getting the second half of the $750 financial industry bailout passed in October of last year.

But Sen. Alexander agreed with the Democrats that the money should be released and spent as planned.

Quoth Alexander:

“I voted today the same way I did in October because both the current president and the incoming president have said this is an essential insurance policy against financial catastrophe. This is not spending; this is lending money with interest that taxpayers should get back. I would not have voted this way if President-elect Obama had not assured us that he will use this money as it was intended: to keep credit flowing by strengthening financial institutions and housing markets, and not for new industry-by-industry bailouts.”

Corker, on the other hand, says:

“This was a painful vote for me. […] I voted against releasing any additional TARP funds because I am concerned that we are treating the symptoms and not addressing the root problem.

“I voted for the TARP legislation in October because I felt we needed a systemic approach to restarting the engines of our financial system. The initial infusion of capitol from the TARP program was allocated in an ad-hoc way and there remains significant stress in our credit markets. We need to restore confidence to our financial system through a prescriptive and clear path forward.”

Corker’s argument is that Obama shouldn’t get the money because the Bush Administration is incompetent. Well, duh. You knew the Bush Administration was incompetent when you voted “yes” to the bailout last October (or at least you should have known), but now it’s time to give the Obama economic team (who you claim to “greatly respect”) a chance to do the job right.

If we refuse to let the Obama Administration do anything the Bush Administration was bad at, well, we might as well shut down the entire Executive Branch right now.

I applaud Alexander for his bi-partisan vote.

I worry that Corker is turning into a kneejerk obstructionist/partisan hack (especially after becoming a GOP darling for his leading role in blocking a GM bailout) -- which may be good for his career in Washington but bad for America. It’s too soon to know for sure, but it is definitely something to keep an eye on.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lamar Alexander vs. Tennessee’s GOP Congressmen

Tennessee’s five Democratic congressman voted to expand S-CHIP to 11 million uninsured children in the United States this week.

All four of Tennessee’s Republican congressmen voted against it – including Zach Wamp, who thinks he’s ready to be our governor.

What does Sen. Lamar Alexander think about his GOP colleagues who try to block the S-CHIP bill?

“I disagree with it. I think the children’s health insurance bill is good for Tennessee — 127,000 Tennessee children need it,” [said Sen. Lamar] Alexander, a Tennessee Republican.

That’s 127,000 Tennessee children that our Republican congressman are fighting to keep uninsured. So who’s side is Sen. Bob Corker on?

In a joint release, Alexander and Corker said SCHIP reauthorization would boost Tennessee’s efforts to provide coverage for the state’s neediest children and help compensate Tennessee hospitals that treat a large number of patients who are unable to pay their bills.

Looks like Corker is siding with the kids. Good for you, Senator.

Both Corker and Alexander voted for S-CHIP and against President Bush’s veto three months ago, so I’m sure we can count on their continued support next week when the bill goes back up for a vote in the Senate. This time, President Obama will sign it into law.

Go, Obama!

(Okay, okay, that stuff in italics up there is from October and refers to Bush's veto - but you're telling me it doesn't apply now? What changed?)

Somebody Is Gonna Pay!

Governor Phil Bredesen issued another executive order related to the TVA toxic ash disaster:

The Order…requires TVA’s cooperation with the state in supporting independent assessments and inspections at Kingston and other TVA coal-waste sites around the state as well as the development of a corrective action plan detailing the steps TVA will take to clean up the Kingston site and ensure safe operations in the future.

Okay, sounds good. Plus:

This Order requires TVA to reimburse the Department of Environment and Conservation for expenses incurred overseeing cleanup and further investigative activities.

Okay, that sounds good, but isn’t that just shifting the burden to TVA customers? Which is pretty much everyone with electricity in nine states. Still, I guess it’s the right decision, even if it’s a sucky one.

Hopefully, the federal government will step in and cover TVA’s costs on this (since TVA is owned 100% by the federal government) rather than passing the costs on to consumers. After all, it wasn’t the consumers that caused this problem but the people in charge of TVA (again, the federal government). Maybe the Bush Administration shouldn’t have blocked all efforts to regulate and fix this problem for the past eight years. It's not like they weren't warned.


Still not a peep or press release from the Tennessee Democratic Party. Must be a slow week in local politics.

That’s 71 days of silence (other than a happy holidays message) since November 5.

Silly Republicans!

Right-wing blog is getting involved in the Tennessee House brouhaha, demanding that Republicans all across the nation snail-mail some silly putty to House Speaker Kent Williams’s office in Elizabethton. What they hope accomplish besides giving Williams a good laugh and perhaps hours of family fun is beyond me.

But anything that stimulates the economy and wastes Republicans’ time and money is a-ok with me.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

You Brought It on Yourselves

Moderate Republicans should have stood up to Mumpower, and they should have done it long before yesterday. It should never have been Mumpower who was up for the job. A consensus pick could have won it. Someone a handful of Democrats would have voted for. But no.

The hubris and self-righteousness of the far right demanded nothing less than Jason Mumpower, and that’s why they failed.

And by the way… If Mumpower went into that vote not knowing he was going to lose, then he doesn’t deserve to win. He’s not ready to be Speaker of the House. Vote counting, consensus building, cajoling, and knowing damn sure who stands where is a huge part of the job.

New TNGOP Rule: Republicans Politicians Only Represent Republican Voters

There’s a great American tradition that no matter which ticket you run on, once you’re elected, you represent everyone in your state and your district.

The TNGOP is giving up any pretense of that noble tradition. They won’t even pay it lip service.

Instead, TNGOP mouthpiece Bill Hobbs claims that Speaker Kent Williams (R-For Now) was “elected by Republican voters in the historic 2008 elections” and that he “chose to betray” them.

Gosh, I thought he was elected by Tennessee voters, and that’s where his loyalties belong. Too bad the TNGOP doesn’t see it that way. In fact, TNGOP chair Robin Smith makes it plain that her party represents only its own supporters and self-interest:

“This challenge [to Williams’s membership in the TNGOP] will move swiftly to honor the character and integrity of the 49 members of the Republican House Caucus who stand committed to the Republican principles and the voters who support them.”

(Emphasis mine, of course.)

One more thing: apparently Smith still hasn’t figured out just who the heck Williams voted for yesterday. (Hint: himself.)

“He cast his vote for a Pro-Tax, Pro-Gay, Pro-Abortion, Anti-Gun Liberal Democrat to preside in leadership against all 49 of his Republican colleagues,”
says Smith.

Um, wrong. Sometimes it’s hard to take them seriously. Or at least these stupid Hobbs press releases.

The Real Question

With Rep. Jason Mumpower (R-Bristol) promising to inundate the State House with extreme anti-evolution, anti-gay, anti-abortion, anti-immigrant legislation… why was there only one Republican who said no?

Where were the other moderate Republicans? Was no one else willing to stand up to the brash and divisive political grandstanding that Mumpower represents? No other Republican with the backbone to say that’s not the right direction for our state – as a government or a people?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"Absolute Chaos"

Here’s what I’m hearing from Legislative Plaza…

In the last election, a bunch of belligerent right-wing radicals tried to bully Rep. Kent Williams (a moderate Republican) into taking far-right stands – going so far as to threaten boycotts on his family business, etc.

Well, Rep. Williams had had enough of bullies and blowhards destroying the Republican Party from within. And the Democrats knew it. So the Democrats approached Rep. Williams about being the new House Speaker.

Rep. Williams said, “yes,” and history was made, just minutes ago.

Rep. Gary Odom (D-Nashville), who grew up in Williams’s district in Carter County, nominated Williams, calling him, “A man who epitomizes putting principle over partisanship.”

House Speaker Williams promises to select committee chairs based on “ability and seniority – mostly ability” (my source’s words, not necessarily Williams’s).

Sounds like we can definitely expect some Democrats to hold chairmanships. No one saw that as a remote possibility just two hours ago – except maybe the engineers of this shocking political twist.

A lobbyist at Legislative Plaza is calling it “absolute chaos” up there right now.


How humiliating for Tennessee's elected Republicans. You better get your own house in order before you try running the State House.

Friday, January 9, 2009

I'm Trying to Savor Your Fail

Why do young people overwhelmingly vote Democrat these days? Because to be young Republican, you have to be stupid enough to believe this crap:

You can see how they’re only winning over the morons.

Then Why Do Republicans Worry so Much about Homeland Security?

Joe the Plumber has finally put his finger on why no Christians have ever been killed by war or terrorism. When asked if he was concerned for his own safety while pretending to be a “war correspondent” in Israel, he said:

"Being a Christian I'm pretty well protected by God, I believe."

So all those soldiers killed in Iraq? Not real Christians apparently. No Christians in those planes on 9/11 either. And don’t get me started on those heathens in the buildings.

Luke 4:12

Boys Will Be Girls

Science news:

Treating a baby boy like a girl and vice versa can change the way their brains work, new research suggests.

It had previously been thought that such things were decided long before birth.

That second sentence is a bit overstated. People who study genetics certainly thought so; sociologists, not so much. Still, fascinating research.

UPDATE: A more respectable news source was requested, so here you go. This one also has better information on what the research might mean for humans.

About that Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) has a Hebrew-language website, read mostly by Israelis. The homepage cycles through photos mostly of manly soldiers doing manly things:

The IDF also has an English-language website, read mostly by Israel supporters outside Israel. The homepage cycles through photos mostly of hot Israeli military chicks:

(Those are painted bullet tips, not colored pencils.)

I just thought that was interesting.

What, you thought I was going to comment on that whole military action thing? What are you nuts?

Turning a Blind Eye

It’ll be nice to have a functioning EPA again:

The Environmental Protection Agency eight years ago said it wanted to set a national standard for ponds or landfills used to dispose of wastes produced from burning coal.

The agency has yet to act.

Eight years, huh? That’s a pretty telling number.

The notion that the Bush Administration neglected an issue that would have been uncomfortable for the energy industry will surprise no one. The idea that if the Bush Administration had bothered to act, the TVA ash disaster in East Tennessee might have been averted will be lost on deliberately blind-eye Republicans like Rep. Zach Wamp.

Once again the Bush Administration failed to foresee or prevent a disaster that they had been explicitly warned about. Leaving President-elect Obama to deal with this:

Millions of tons of toxic coal ash is piling up in power plant ponds in 32 states, a practice the federal government has long recognized as a risk to human health and the environment but has left unregulated.

An Associated Press analysis of the most recent Energy Department data found that 156 coal-fired power plants store ash in surface ponds similar to the one that collapsed last month in Tennessee.

Only 11 more days until the White House is once again the head of the federal government instead of its primary obstacle.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Goodbye Goody's

Goody’s is gone. The retail chain employs 9,800 people, including 800 in Knoxville, where the company is headquartered. All those people are about to be unemployed.


When Rep. Zach Wamp (R-TN) called the TVA ash disaster a “Katrina-like event” today, I was ready to cheer him on. Yes! It’s huge! It demands immediate action on a massive scale! The media and the federal government should be all over it!

But then I kept reading

“I think it's time that the federal government look at an incident like this as more of a disaster like Katrina, as opposed to malfeasance by anyone or neglect by anyone," he said.

Wait a minute. So when he says “Katrina-like,” he’s not talking about the scope of the disaster or the urgency or the need for sweeping solutions. He’s calling it an act of nature that no one is really to blame for. He’s brushing aside the need to investigate or hold anyone accountable. Typical Republican garbage.

Sigh. I thought, just maybe, running for governor had forced Rep. Wamp to actually show himself as a take charge leader who’s ready to get things done for Tennessee. But no – he’s still just a partisan hack content to play games rather than find solutions.

Maybe I’m wrong. I hope so. I hope Rep. Wamp proves everything I just wrote to be wildly off base.

This is an opportunity, Rep. Wamp, to take ownership of a problem no one wants to touch and prove yourself to be a true leader. Are you ready to take a chance and do something big? If so, I’ll sing your praises.

If not, you’re not ready to be governor.

Ghost Mall

Is there anything left in Bellevue Mall besides Macy’s? Let me rephrase: Is there anything left in Bellevue Mall at all? Because that Macy’s is being put out of its misery. Unfortunately, that means 76 people in Nashville are losing their jobs.

Overall, Macy’s is closing 11 stores in 9 states, laying off 960 people.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

We Screwed Up. Here's the Bill.

To cover the cost of cleaning of TVA’s little environmental disaster, the utility's 9 million customers in Tennessee and six surrounding states will bear the brunt in higher electricity rate hikes in the future, TVA Chairman Bill Sansom told The Associated Press on Wednesday.

Free Money

How ‘bout some love for Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) for trying to block Congressional pay raises while tax revenues are in such dire straits?

Tennessee’s other Congress critters should jump on board, Democrat and Republican.

Christmas is Over

The TNGOP never once wished me a happy holidays or merry Christmas on its website. I’m not sure why they hate religion so much, but if they were good little Republicans, they’d be showing off their Christianity prominently - if not belligerently.

How’s that for a weak, throwaway attack on the other side? Blah. Oh well, it’s all I got because the TN Democratic Party website has steadfastly refused to say anything other than happy holidays for over two months. The party blog is likewise silent.

(Here’s a hint, guys: it’s no longer the “season of giving” and McCain’s already lost the election, so why don’t you go ahead and push that junk off your homepage?)

If the TN Democratic were paying attention or showing any signs of life, maybe they’d say something about that nice Tennessee fellow who thinks racist songs are funny, just so long as Rush Limbaugh says so?

Or how about that little oopsy-daisy near Knoxville that’s poisoning all the water? No comment on that? Don’t see any opportunity to push the importance of environment responsibility or alternative energy? Or maybe you think the people of Tennessee are already so far to the Left they don’t need to hear it?

Hey, why don’t you praise Gov. Bredesen for that $80 million the State is getting from the Department of Health and Human Services for a low-income home energy assistance program. I’m pretty sure he’s a Democrat.

Or you could praise Rep. Bart Gordon (D-TN) for that $1.65 million loan and a $400,000 grant from the USDA to construct new water distribution lines and replace leaking water lines in Putnam County.

There is a crap-load of stuff going on out there, you lazy schmucks!!!

Say something!!!

Hot Teen Sex

Tennessee ranks #8 in the nation for teenage pregnancy. That’s down from #6 in the previous round of numbers.

Those slutty teens in Oklahoma and Nevada surged past us in the latest statistics, just released by the CDC. Nationwide, this is the first time teen pregnancy has gone up from year-to-year since 1991.

In Tennessee, our numbers dropped from 54.9 Junos per 1,000 teenage girls to 54.7, which is considered statistically insignificant so we’re holding steady. The national average is 41.9 - a 3% jump.

Of course, the prevalence of teen pregnancy doesn’t mirror the prevalence of teen sex; rather, it mirrors the prevalence of unprotected teen sex.

So, parents, teach your kids about condoms. Even though your precious little snowflake is (of course) not engaging in anything naughty, they can at least pass along the information to their promiscuous friends (you know the ones) because you know they’re talking to each other about s-e-x.

By the way, 4,265,555 people were born in the U.S. in 2006 (the year all these brand new statistics come from). And 31.1% came out cesarean style.

The birth rate for unmarried women shot up 7% that year (up 16% since 2002). Unmarried women account for 38.5% of all births (a new record).