Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ghost Mall

Is there anything left in Bellevue Mall besides Macy’s? Let me rephrase: Is there anything left in Bellevue Mall at all? Because that Macy’s is being put out of its misery. Unfortunately, that means 76 people in Nashville are losing their jobs.

Overall, Macy’s is closing 11 stores in 9 states, laying off 960 people.


Anonymous said...

watch short-movie about Macy S Store Closings stores
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GoldnI said...

I think Sears is still there. I wouldn't be surprised if they close too though. Sears and Macy's were supposed to be the anchors of the new "lifestyle center," and although they haven't said anything about it recently, I'll bet it's not happening anytime soon in this economy. Meanwhile, those two stores just stand alone and lose money.