Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New TNGOP Rule: Republicans Politicians Only Represent Republican Voters

There’s a great American tradition that no matter which ticket you run on, once you’re elected, you represent everyone in your state and your district.

The TNGOP is giving up any pretense of that noble tradition. They won’t even pay it lip service.

Instead, TNGOP mouthpiece Bill Hobbs claims that Speaker Kent Williams (R-For Now) was “elected by Republican voters in the historic 2008 elections” and that he “chose to betray” them.

Gosh, I thought he was elected by Tennessee voters, and that’s where his loyalties belong. Too bad the TNGOP doesn’t see it that way. In fact, TNGOP chair Robin Smith makes it plain that her party represents only its own supporters and self-interest:

“This challenge [to Williams’s membership in the TNGOP] will move swiftly to honor the character and integrity of the 49 members of the Republican House Caucus who stand committed to the Republican principles and the voters who support them.”

(Emphasis mine, of course.)

One more thing: apparently Smith still hasn’t figured out just who the heck Williams voted for yesterday. (Hint: himself.)

“He cast his vote for a Pro-Tax, Pro-Gay, Pro-Abortion, Anti-Gun Liberal Democrat to preside in leadership against all 49 of his Republican colleagues,”
says Smith.

Um, wrong. Sometimes it’s hard to take them seriously. Or at least these stupid Hobbs press releases.

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