Thursday, January 22, 2009

Go Vote!

If “English Only” fails today, it will be one of the most spectacular failures of a Nashville politician in decades. Metro Councilman Eric Crafton will be proven wrong on every level a Council member can go wrong.

Failure as an Issue: Crafton will have anointed himself as the champion of an issue the people of Nashville did not want -- proving himself completely out of touch.

Failure of Leadership: Crafton will have failed to win over the skeptics or motivate his supporters -- proving himself incompetent as a leader.

Failure of Politics: Crafton deliberately forced an early election believing the odds of victory to be greater. If he’s wrong, he’ll prove himself an embarrassment as a political strategist.

Failing the Taxpayers: This special election will cost the city of Nashville up to $300,000, possibly more, in a time of fiscal crisis. If the measure passes, maybe you can argue that it was worth the money to enact the will of the voters. If it fails, it will be a total waste of taxpayer money on the vanity project of a deluded politician.

For these reasons, if “English Only” fails today, I call on Metro Councilman Eric Crafton to resign immediately. This is a long, divisive, expensive path he has forced us down -- and if it all turns out to be folly and hubris, he should step aside.

I have no idea whether “English Only” will pass or not. Crafton may well be vindicated by victory. I hope not.

If you haven’t voted, GO VOTE NOW!

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