Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Eric Crafton Hates Democracy

Metro will spend more than $300,000 in taxpayer money to hold a special election for the sole purpose of screwing over non-English speakers. Metro Councilmember Eric Crafton, of course, is behind it all.

Why waste money on a special election rather than wait until the next time Metro voters are scheduled to go to the polls? There’s nothing urgent about this but the politics.

Crafton is against waiting because 1) it would give both sides a chance to make their case, and 2) a reasonable number of voters would actually show up to vote.

Crafton doesn’t hide it; he tells the Tennessean he’s against any delay because his opponents are “trying to give themselves time to mount a campaign."

Wow, what a horrible thing that would be. Hey, Crafton – in America we tend to like democracy. Campaigning and voting are kind of important around here. Both sides make their case, and the voters get to choose the winner.

Leave it to the English Only crowd to fail to understand the very fundamentals of American government and what makes us a great nation.

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