Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Vast Right-Wing Fan Club

Here’s a fascinating article from the National Review on how Hillary Clinton went from the Demon Queen of the liberals, activists, Hollywood, gays, etc., to the Democrat that Republicans would trust most with the keys to the White House or, barring that, the State Department.

The article touches on (but I think underplays) how strongly this transformation demonstrates the Republican rabble’s lemming-like tendency buy into the latest spin and talking points from their “thought leaders” on Fox News, talk radio, and the blogs. Do you think the people spreading the spin really changed their opinion of Hillary or did they just change their talking points after Obama became the frontrunners -- and the rabble ate it up without a second thought?

Hmm… maybe the reason those Republicans are so obsessed with “media bias” is because they have some dim awareness of just how slavish they are to their own media masters?

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