Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Isolation and Defeat

I remember back in the day (like a whopping 15 years ago) you could immediate recognize the wackos because the Lefties were screaming “Nazis!” at the Republicans while the Right-wingers were shouting “Marxists!” at the Democrats. These people were immediately brushed off as ranting lunatics.

When did it become mainstream for Republicans to start using those ridiculously hyperbolic terms? I found it deeply concerning 5 years ago, but over the past few years I’ve see the Far Right go from a political movement to a subculture to a self-isolated subculture, which has (as you might expect) resulted in their diminished political influence and electoral success.

The more the Far Right (aka “real Americans”) creates for themselves their own radio stations, news network, newspapers, books, movies, magazines, websites, etc., the less power they’ll have over the electorate. This isolation chamber will also only serve to amplify their own self-righteousness and anger, both of which are counterproductive to winning elections.

I used to fear the communication infrastructure built by the Right, but now it works against them.

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