Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Save Us, Fred

Our friend on the Right are agonizing over who should be the next chairman of the Republican Party. Please, please, please let it be Fred Thompson.

Once again, the Republican rabble are clamoring for Thompson to be there savior. Because it worked so well last time? Oh well, if the Republican rabble learned from their mistakes, they wouldn’t be Republicans any more, would they.

I don’t pretend to be a political genius or insider, but I know the difference between a big name and actual talent. When you’re looking for a national party chair, you want someone who passionate, driven, devoted, and experienced at running a major organization, such as a large company, state party, and/or national campaign. Someone willing to do hard work (and I mean a ton of it) behind the scenes. You do not want it to be a lazy-ass senator who ran a half-assed presidential campaign.

So I endorse Fred Thompson wholeheartedly.

Thompson has a well earned reputation for doing the bare minimum at everything. Sure he has a gravelly voice, a bulldog face, and huge name recognition. Which one of those things helps you get the job done as national party chairman? The job is all about fundraising, staffing, strategy, fundraising, polling, fundraising, recruiting, marketing, and more fundraising. Thompson is terrible at all these things.

If anyone can keep the Republican Party in neutral for the next four years, it’s Fred.

The two people I least want to take the job are Mitt Romney and Chip Saltsman. Fortunately, neither passes the Republican rabble’s purity test. Mitt is a flip-flopping Mormon. And Saltsman is tainted by Huckabee. It’s a good thing, too, because these guys know how to run a successful operation. With any luck, the GOP will pass them over for a crowd-pleasing figurehead.

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