Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Say Anything

After 53 days of silence, the Democratic Party of Tennessee finally has something to say!! They say happy holidays. Thanks for the update, guys.

Nothing about a freshman Senator from Tennessee destroying Congress’s efforts to bail out of the auto industry. Nothing about the state’s $1 billion budget shortfall. Nothing about the Republicans at the state capitol selecting state officers. Nothing about GM in Spring Hill. Nothing about Hemlock Semiconductors in Clarksville. Nothing about education funding, or the economy, or Gov. Bredesen, or anything. Nothing but happy holidays.

Oh, and the state party blog still only has one entry since the election.

Damn it, do something!!

PS: You can probably take that lame anti-McCain YouTube video off your homepage, too. Seven weeks after the election, it's kind of a little tacky.


Chris F. said...

I think the TNDP died literally overnight. You would think after not having control of the House in something like 140 years that they would want to come roaring back in 2010. But they must have all left the state.

Anonymous said...

Well, they did can Wade Munday, who is/was the communications director of the TNDP. Meanwhile, any word on whether Keith Talley has broken into any more offices lately? Or how about Beecher Frasier? Any word on whether Frasier has apologized to Pres. Elect Obama for throwing Obama under the bus in June? How about Fred Hobbs? Is Fred Hobbs REALLY still serving on the TNDP Executive Committee? Really? Still? Why?