Thursday, December 4, 2008

Job Obituaries

The Tennessean laid off 67 people today, including 25 in the newsroom. Another 25 empty positions will go unfilled. (The Knoxville News-Sentinel recently got rid of 50 people.)

HCA is laying off at least a 100 people in IT, plus an unclosed number on top of that.

No word how many of the 12,000 people getting the axe at AT&T will be in Tennessee.

AbitibiBowater is shutting down a paper mill in Tennessee as it lays off 1,100 people in the US and Canada.

Thomas Nelson, a book publisher in Nashville, just laid off 55 people.

Bridgestone Firestone will lay off at least 158 people in LaVergne.

On the other hand, the US Census Bureau is hiring 1,000 people at its new office in Knoxville. It’s good news for sure, although these positions will go away once the 2010 census is complete.

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