Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Wow – $1,000 in just over four hours?

Almost $2,000 in eight?

The progressive blogosphere has more power (and credit cards) than I thought. A big congratulations to R. Neal at for pulling this together! He’s the brains behind the big “Chip In” effort that all the local lefty blogs are getting in on.

It’s all to show support for new Tennessee Democratic Party chair Chip Forrester. Okay, it’s mostly for that, but also a little bit about getting his attention. Bloggers are chopping at the bit around here. Chipster needs to harness that enthusiasm.

We’re ready to cheer on the TNDP if the TNDP is ready to do something worth cheering about. So how ‘bout it, Chip? Let’s start kicking some ass!

This is the first time I’ve ever donated directly to the state party. Chip, you can thank R. Neal for that.

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