Monday, April 27, 2009

Stay Civil

Speaking of gay marriage, I recently had the chance to raise the issue with two Democrats running for governor in 2010.

First, Ward Cammack talked about the importance of civil unions to provide gay couples with equivalent rights under the law as heterosexual married couples. He then volunteered his ardent support for adoption rights for gay couples.

In a seperate conversation, former State House Majority Leader Kim McMillan came up with a similar answer, espousing* civil unions as something Tennesseans might accept because gay marriage was a bridge too far around here. Then I asked her about adoption rights and got a very personal reply. McMillan herself is adopted and couldn’t care less if an adoptive couple is gay or straight so long as they’ll provide a loving home.

So no distance between the candidates there, but good to know where they stand.

*Take time to appreciate my clever use of language.

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GoldnI said...

That's good to know. Here's hoping that whoever wins the nomination doesn't capitulate and backpedal like they always seem to do.